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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 20, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. ruled out the father as a suspect in the disappearance of his 15-year-old daughter. we'll have the latest coming up. and if you're sitting in traffic alone, itching to use that car pool lane, there's a neoption for you, but it will cost. i'm christie smith, i'll tell you how much in a live report. and an early morning fire traps residents in their apartment. how firefighters managed to pull them to safety. >> and quarterback rue let continues. the latest shuffle that could move tebow to the niners. good morning.
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i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. the news starts now. this morning, new details in the disappearance of a morgan hill teenager. police just now revealing some of what they've learned while the community comes together to find sierra lamar. nbc bay area bob redell is live in morgan hill where the girl's mother is handing out leaflets in hopes of bringing her home. a sad story. >> reporter: good morning. the santa clara sheriff's department made this announcement in the past hour and a half, telling us steve lamar, sierra lamar's biological father, they're telling us he is not a suspect in her disappearance. the question came about because they tell us he is a registered sex offender. deputies say he has been fully cooperative and that he is not a person of interest. they do tell us they are still interviewing registered sex offenders that live here in
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morgan hill, and in fremont, where sierra used to live. the question about their whereabouts friday morning. you can see this is one of the pamphlets that her mother had been posting in this intersection here, near her home. we spoke to her off camera. the only thing she wanted us to get across to people at home is to look at this intersection, palm and doherty, see if this jogs anyone's memory, because thises onerwh sierra would have caught her bus friday morning to go to school at sobrato high. her mom is preparing for a vigil for her daughter tonight. family, friends and members of the community are invited 8:00 to 9:00 for a vigil at morgan hill presbyterian church to show support foresee era and to pray for her safe return. she never showed up friday, leaving her friends there devastated, because no one believes she's the type that would run away.
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now, investigators did find her cell phone, it was turned off on the side of a road, not far from her house. appears it might have been thrown from a car. investigators this morning say they continue to interview her friends at her current high school and her former one in fremont. live in morgan hill, bob redell, nbc bay area news. at any moment, we could find out if the san francisco sheriff can keep his job with that misdemeanor on his record. the mayor ed lee expected to announce whether he will charming him with official misconduct. he met with the mayor last night, but the conversation still under wraps. the sheriff was sentenced monday to three years probation and weekly domestic violence counseling after pleading guilty to false imprisonment of his wife. in exchange for the plea, prosecutors dropped charges that mirkarimi bruised his wife's arm. in south bay, an apartment building was damaged by a fire. firefighters arrived to heavy
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smoke at a complex on curly drive. one of the residents spotted the smoke, began pounding on doors. some were trapped, but just briefly. >> people stuck in apartments upstairs, but because of the fact they were able to keep the doors closed and just open the windows, they were able to stay in there until we got the fire knocked down enough, then we pulled them out then. >> firefighters say they were able to contain the fire damage to one unit, but there's smoke damage to the apartments next door. the estimated cost of damage is about $30,000. also this morning, solo drivers allowed access to certain south bay car pool lanes, all of that for a price. express toll lanes on highway 237 are now officially open. the lane stretches from milpitas to first street in mountain view. christie smith joins us from milpitas with a look how the
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traffic is flowing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. would you be willing to pay three bucks sitting alone in your car in traffic in a hurry just to use the car pool lane? drivers now have that option. they can have the money deducted from a fast track transponder, if they use highway 237, starting today, on four miles of converted car pool lanes, now express lanes. drivers on southbound 880 can get on 237 and go west to mountain view. eastbound commuters from mountain view to san jose enter at north first and continue on interstate 880. the price is 30 cents to 6 bucks, and suggested according to how busy. you can't duck in and out of the lanes when you feel like it. sfwl typically you can move in and out, but with the toll lane, you have to stay in the lane once in the lane.
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>> the eastbound commute hours 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., web to 10:00 a.m. afternoon, the same, 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., regardless of direction. something to note, if you're a regular car pooler with two or more passengers, motorcycle, bus, clean air vehicle, everything is the same for you. you can still use the lane as usual for free. live near 237, christie smith, nbc bay area news. the highway patrol says a deadly curve on highway 17 needs serious safety improvements. we have video of a deadly crash at laurel curve that happened this past friday. caltrans is speeding a safety study after the chp asked them to extend a median barrier at the curve from 2004 to 2010, one in every four accidents on the santa cruz side happened at laurel curve. we can tell you medical marijuana patients may soon be able to shop at a wider selection of dispensaries. the richmond city council deciding whether to increase the number of pot clubs from four to
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six. lawmakers will also decide how close the clubs will be able to set up shop near residential neighborhoods. currently, clubs can only operate in two places, that's in hilltop area and pacific east mall areas. the csu board could vote to raise salaries of two campus presidents, despite objections from critics that say administrators are already overpaid. at a meeting this morning in long beach, the board of trustees is considering new compensation packages for the president at the east bay and fullerton campus. csu east bay president leroy morishita would get a base salary more than $303,000, and mildred garcia would get more than $324,000. those salaries are 10% more than their current pay. the meeting comes as majority of cal state campuses plan to close spring admissions next year. only eight of 23 campuses admit students for spring 2013 term.
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cuts in response to $750 million in cuts to state funding. meteorologist christina loren is off. that means anthony is here. cool day to come in. >> they brought the new guy in last weekend for the rain. they give me one day to shine with good weather. we are talking sunshine across the bay area now, as you saw earlier in one of our reports, the sun is out. it will continue to poke its head out through the day, because clouds are making it out of the region. we have a few sprinkles trying to fall this morning, but it is all because of a cold front to the north. this cold front will hang out, continue to bring showers to northern california, san francisco, and points southward. i don't think we're looking at any rain. in the north bay, still could see a sprinkle for the next hour. 51 in santa rosa, 62 in sunnyvale, 59 in san jose. we'll take you hour by hour
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through the day. clouds eventually move out. expecting more sunshine, even for tomorrow. more rain, thursday, dealing with showers, and then as we turn our attention to the weekend, a bigger system is set to approach. looks like we'll be looking at more weekend rain. we'll have more details on how much to expect and if we expect warmer temperatures. it is spring. you have to be expecting 70s and 80s eventually. >> spring showers. >> you can work on that for us. >> see what we can do. >> thanks. appreciate it. some believe there's an outside chance things could get awkward at 49ers headquarters as the team works to sign alex smithback. another prospect could be coming to the south bay. espn says the 49ers mentioned as possible destination for jilted quarterback tim tebow, reportedly on his way out now that peyton manning decided to step up in the might go high
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city. 49ers ceo says an offer is still on the table for the current quarterback, alex smith. there's a chance smith ends up here. david garrard, 49ers offered smith a three year deal worth $24 million. not a bad gig if you can get it. >> not at all. interesting to see what happens. coming up, heightened fear as police go on alert in france. synagogues and schools still on edge after a deadly terror attack. and he is too young to vote, but he's not too young to geter summoned to jury duty. we'll tell you about the third grade prospective juror just ahead. and a live look at oakland. looks like mildly clear skies e. we'll check the forecast with meteorologist anthony slaughter when we come back. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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welcome back. police are searching for a gunman in france suspected in deadly attacks. friends and family mourn a teacher, his two sons and daughter of a school director shot and killed at close range yesterday at a jewish school in toulouse. surveillance video appears to show the gunman videotaping the attack. investigators suspect he may have neonazi ties or grudges against minorities. the weapon used in the killings was the same used to kill three french paratroopers either arab or black. the family of a florida teenager says their son was pleading for his life before being gunned down near his home. now the feds are joining in on that investigation. this morning, the justice department looking into whether charges should be filed against george zimmerman. zimmerman was volunteering for neighborhood watch in florida last month when he shot and killed a 17-year-old, trayvon
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martin. zimmerman said he did it in self defense, he thought the boy was reaching for something in his waistband. turns out he was not armed, only carrying skittles and a bottle of ice tea. >> so you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> just there's gunshots. >> just unbelievable to listen to. the fbi also launching an investigation into this shooting. it is a day of cleanup in the lone star state after severe weather leaves behind a path of destruction. officials say a suspected tornado ripped up roughly 50 homes near san antonio last night. same storm brought strong winds and torrential rains to dallas area, turning some streets into rivers. power outages and delayed and cancelled flights at fort worth international airport. so far, no injuries or deaths were reported. decision 2012. today could be a turning point
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in the republican race for president. and lists believe mitt romney needs a decisive win in illinois to solidify himself as frontrunner. if he loses or barely wins, that could lead to the first big fight at the republican convention in three decades. rick santorum facing that uphill battle, and latest polls show romney up by nine points. the key issue in the race, turning out to be the unemployment rate after santorum commented he doesn't care what the rate is. and that led to a little back pedaling. >> i don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. doesn't matter to me. my campaign doesn't hinge on unemployment rates. >> i do care about the unemployment rate. it does bother me. i want to get people back to work. >> all about gamesmanship. 54 delegates up for grabs in illinois. latest round of words with friends may not have to end when boarding a plane. the faa is looking at rules banning personal electronics on plains during taxi, takeoff and
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landing, according to "the new york times" which also reports any rule change would not include cell or smart phones. but the agency will explore testing e-readers, tablets and other gadgets. it will be a lengthy process. don't expect a change any time soon. >> alec baldwin happy to hear i am sure that may be available on planes. when he got summoned for jury duty, he had one question. >> i said what's jury duty. >> valid question since jacob clark is nine years old in the third grade. massachusetts state jury commissioner sent him a jury summons because of a clerical error. census records show clark was born in 1982, that's not the case, but that would have made him 30 years old instead of nine. his dad says despite his son's age, his kid would be up to the job. >> he could do well. i think he is impartial, would be able to be objective, as long as there was no jury tampering, someone offered him an x box
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game, he would do as they asked. besides that, he is a very impartial kid. >> deep and thought out for a nine-year-old. this isn't the first time he was called for jury duty. he was first summoned when two years old. about time to step up, serve his civic duty. >> i am sure he would do well. kids say the darndest things anyway. >> absolutely. in for christina loren, anthony slaughter. >> we started with clouds. we are headed for a bright day once we get rid of the marine layer. there's a shot from the san bruno mountains. we are still looking at hazy cloud cover in that area. as we head through the next hour or so, i would say sunshine is expected, and really once we get to about rush hour this evening, i think we're going to see a decent amount of sun. talking mostly sunny skies towards the evening hours. we have showers out there now. just light drizzle, once you
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work towards lossal tows, stretching over the mountains towards pacifica. this isn't amounting to much. scooting past, working to the southeast. you may have to deal with it the next hour. after that, really talking about skies clearing. temperatures are warming nicely. 65 now in sunnyvale, 59 in san jose, 57 in san francisco. a weak area of high pressure is trying to squeeze in here. this rain to the north is the jet stream track. last week, the jet stream track was over the bay area. that's where we saw the rain. this week, a different story, right to the north. it is going to start to sag this way towards thursday and into the weekend. talking more unsettled weather. for today again, afternoon sunshine is expected. tomorrow, temperatures warm nicely. in fact, some inland areas may get close to 70 degrees tomorrow, gilroy, morgan hill near 65 today. 63 in san jose, 62, santa cruz. concord, walnut creek, danville,
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69 degrees. pittsburgh around there as well. off to north bay, santa rosa at 60. 55 in san francisco, not bad. and talking low clouds until the next hour. then we clear out. really, you look at the seven-day forecast, it doesn't look too bad. the first full day of spring tomorrow offers a bright day and lots of sun. no rain in the forecast across the bay area, but that changes towards thursday. looking at showers in the forecast, at least the first half of the day. then this weekend as you make plans, unfortunately it doesn't look like the best weekend to be out and about, but does look like showers for saturday and sunday, maybe even thunderstorms getting towards sunday. we'll keep you posted like last weekend, a washout. it could be a repeat this weekend. >> when i thought i could put the umbrella away, i have to keep it handy. >> at least another week. >> thanks. major league pitcher in foul territory, compliments of pulling a prank on a former
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teammate. mike napoli isn't sure why former ranger pitcher c.j. wilson tweeted his phone number, live phone number to his cell. napoli says he and wilson are really not that close. he thinks the stunt crossed the line. wilson said he was trying to get back at napoli, saying okay, i think we've all had a good time, i'm even with mike for saying he can't wait to hit homers off me, now that he is on another team. napoli says he doesn't remember saying anything like that. ever wish there was a direct line to reality tv stars so you could give them a piece of your mind? now there is. a new company called dial a star let's you speak to celebrities for a price. there are no a-listers so far on the list. here are a few celebs on board. tina and michael lohan, parents of lindsay lohan. >> that has to be worth a lot. >> $10 a minute. >> how much? >> $10 a minute.
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octomom, nadya suleman, $12 a minute. and crystal harris, $10 a minute as well. >> wow. reach out and touch somebody. coming up, no cigar, why they are told to take it outside. and hillary clinton dives into a 75-year-old mystery. the evidence, new search into how amelia earhart went missing without a trace. to join the discussion, you don't have to pay any money. check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area. and that's a live look at alcatraz. you can see the tower standing tall. san francisco, an overcast day. stay with us.
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we are following breaking news in mexico where the usgs is reporting a 7.9 quake between acapulco and oh hack a. it struck about 15 minutes ago. we're working to get more information. the bbc is reporting so far two people are dead. again, this is a 7.9 quake, reported to have happened near acapulco in mexico. we will stay on this breaking news to bring you the very latest as soon as we get new information. it is one of those mysteries that captivated people worldwide for generations. what ever became of amelia earhart who disappeared over the pacific 75 years ago. this morning, secretary of state hillary clinton weighing into that mystery, meeting with historians and scientists from an aircraft recovery group, launching a new search for her lockheed electroplane. she and her navigator fred
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noonan disappeared july 2nd, 1937. some believe she made it to the island, and a recent photo is being examined showing what appears to be a plane strut and wheel protruding from waters offshore. the home of some of the most sought after cigars in the world is snuffing out smokers. a number of state owned restaurants in cuba have gone smoke free. it is possible the trend could lead to an official ban. coming up, how about free swag with giant flare? how you can get your minute on this sandoval bobble head without getting into your wallet.
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a couple of things to know about as we dig the giants and love free stuff. look at the bobble head they're giving out to the first 25,000 fans at at&t park august 26th. that's the third baseman.
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pablo sandoval. >> big wad of bubble gum. going horizontal. >> thanks for being with us. joining us at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. go giants.
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